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Laugh. Love. Repeat.

Permalink de-faced | astor place, nyc (at Astor Place)
Permalink Hiyashi Summer Ramen of cold ramen noodles with chashu pork, egg, green onions, red ginger, egg, bamboo, corn, and soy sesame dressing! Yes, as delicious as it looks! (at Meijin Ramen and Dessert Bar)
Permalink Perfectly delicious Japanese Fried Chicken (Kara Age) served with sansho pepper and spicy mayo at brand new UES spot Meijin Ramen and Dessert Bar! (at Meijin Ramen)
Permalink pretty purple petals | upper east side, nyc (at The Penrose)
Permalink malibu blue | upper east side, nyc (at Yorkville, Upper East Side, Manhattan)
Permalink Cold summer ramen with pork, corn, tomato, ginger, and sesame soy dressing, at my new favorite UES ramen shop!  (at Meijin Ramen and Dessert Bar)
Permalink interior pigeon | upper east side, nyc  (at The Cheeseboro Arms)
Permalink Finally discovered my favorite new sweets spot (for my new sweet tooth)! (at The Sweet Shop NYC)
Permalink Chocolate- and Chocolate Chip-covered Pretzel Stick, from neighborhood candy place The Sweet Shop. Sweet, salty, crispy, creamy, chocolatey awesomeness!   (at The Sweet Shop NYC)
Permalink coming around | upper east side, nyc (at Dessert Bar)
Permalink @mikeylikesiticecream “Daddy Mac” Whole Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich with Mint Condition ice cream AND Jack & Jill ice cream with salted caramel. It’s a whole lotta AWESOME!! #mikeylikesiticecream (at Mikey Likes It Ice Cream)
Permalink Sang together and did plays and musicals together all throughout high school. Haven’t seen each other since we both graduated (separate schools) some 30 years ago. Finally met today for a quick coffee. Wound up catching up and waxing nostalgic for nearly 2-1/2 hour! Yes, as natural is if it were still 1984. So great to have you highlight my day, my ever dear and beautiful friend, Kim!  (at Yorkville, Upper East Side, Manhattan)
Permalink izn’t izzy cute | upper east side, nyc (at Cafe Jax)
Permalink last minute mani | upper east side, nyc (at Mimi Nail & Spa)
Permalink Love catching up with my beautiful, dear friend of nearly 30 years!  (at Dorrian’s Red Hand)